lunedì 15 dicembre 2014

Honest talk - A new beginning!

Wow! It's been a long time after my last post! Lots of things happened in my life, during the last ten months..

Usually this time of the year people make a report of the days they have passed, thinking it as an "End", in my case is a bit different. A review that tastes as a Start.

Thinking back to the past months, the bitterness returns in my heart. Months full of negative events that destroy me and my family. I suffered two bereavements in the family, losing one of the most important people in my life, my lovely grandma, with whom I have lived since I was born. Live her terrible cancer and her path towards the death, has worn me. Furthemore the different health problems that have plagued me and my family have not helped to improve the family atmosphere and our serenity. In all this chaos a lot of things have been going on: the end of a friendship and a very important relationship.

I've never felt so lost and without not have the slightest desire to take care of my aspect or to think about what was right for my career.. Completely lose sight of the consequences of this attitude of rejection of all, give up in front of the difficulties I encountered. Then, something has changed in me...

Even if this crazy situation is not exactly get better, it's time to get back in action!

And what a perfect time of the year if not Christmas time?! Wherever people share their energy and positivity, and so I can use these powerful tools and being inspired of for a new beginning.

I just have to say.... Missing 10 days at Christmas! Are you super excited like me??

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